Episode 016 - Maria Ogneva and Greg Lowe on Yammer

Episode 016 - Maria Ogneva and Greg Lowe on Yammer

Maria Ogneva (OG-nuh-va)- Head of Community, Yammer, Inc.

Maria Ogneva is the Head of Community at Yammer, the enterprise social network used by over 80% of the Fortune 500. At Yammer, she is in charge of social content, as well as community programs, fostering internal and external education and engagement. You can follow her on Twitter at @themaria or on her blog, and Yammer at @yammer and company blog. Maria has a social media bent and over a decade of experience in various roles in consumer products, fashion / retail and technology. She is passionate about building communities and very excited about bringing social to the business world.

Greg Lowe - Enterprise Social Networking Strategist at Yammer, Inc (Corporate Troublemaker)

@Greg2dot0 constructively challenges the status quo to achieve "real" change in organizations. With a background in IT and collaboration, Greg is passionate about making technology usable to make people's jobs easier, help people get back time in their day and changing the way companies "do" business.  He does this through communication, education, collaboration and coaching by leading conversations to productive outcomes throughout an organization.


I.  What is Yammer? Yammer is the free private social network for your company.

What within the design of the Yammer product helps drive viral growth and adoption?

Video & Tour available

My Feed - updates (microblogging)
  can share files via an update - like sending a file via Skype
  can post files for future reference
  Unlimited storage for file sharing for free!
Network vs. External Network (formerly Communities)
Web, desktop (Adobe Air), mobile
SaaS only

The Yammer Platform -
Yammer applications add additional functionality to your Yammer network.
http://developer.yammer.com (API Reference Material)

Paid extras (super simple pricing!):
Advanced Administration once you pay
SharePoint Integration
Active Directory Sync & SSO
Broadcast Messages
Customer Success Manager - what is their role?  Reactive or proactive?
Keyword Monitoring
Data Export - ongoing sync or as pulled?
many other features
Yammer Integrations & Plugins -
Yammer integrates with popular products you already use.
Bookmarklet - button for your browser toolbar to share web pages or selected text with your network
Emailing updates
Twitter - import in Tweets by #yam (clever marketing as well)
IM (Google Talk or Jabber)
Google Reader - share from Google Reader to Yammer
Box.net - http://box.net/ (cloud file share +)

II.  How are clients using Yammer?  Can you tell us about some specific problems Yammer has solved for clients?  
Deloitte Australia used it to come up with a tag line for an ad campaign with 24 hours without hiring an agency. Uses it routinely to flatten the organization
Nationwide improved knowledge flow across silos and geographies
Thomson Reuters - let new employees from an acquisition evangelize for their product, ContactNet
Molson Coors & Razorfish - using external networks to connect with people outside the company

How do you explain the business value of Yammer to prospects?

III. How does Yammer compare to other solutions in the space?  What are some key differentiators?  Why do clients choose Yammer?  
We cut across silos and are rather platform agnostic because you can connect to various “systems of record” (example: CRM system) and socialize important business data. We make things, as well as people, social.

IV.  Is Yammer strictly the product?  Any plans for a services/consulting practice?  A partner program?

The Yammer blog:


Twitter: @themaria


Twitter: @greg2dot0

Twitter:  @lisaduke
LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/lisaduke
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/lisaduke
Facebook for STS:  http://www.facebook.com/simplifiedtech
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