Episode 017 - Paul Bahl on Google Apps

Episode 017 - Paul Bahl on Google Apps

Paul Bahl

- Started Lotus Notes consulting  with v3.x. and managed projects for five years for GE Capital IT Consulting
- Moved into sales for custom development of LN/D & .Net framework applications for Eagle Technology Solutions
- Moved into Business Development role with Tempus Nova selling cloud computing solutions, specifically Google Apps.  Instrumental in managing projects (Logitech, State of CO, Diversey), closing deals (Tuskegee University, NOAA) and building the products division of Tempus Nova with our proprietary “nova” Tool kit.

I.  Topics
How did you get involved with Google apps?

What exactly are Google apps?

Is Google Video different from YouTube?

Google docs
How secure is it now? Extremely


Offline access - many vendors say this is an issue from the past, but realistically there are times when internet access truly is not available.  What do employers do if they lose connectivity?  Give everyone a day off?  Send them to Starbucks?

What is Google sites? Google Sites is an easy way to create secure web pages for intranets and team projects.  Is this meant to compete with SharePoint?  Website/portal?

What is Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office?  How does this compete with BPOS/Office365?

Pricing: Google Apps includes Gmail for business, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and more for $5 per user per month. Tell us about the renewals process from a partner perspective.  How important is knowing Google won’t compete with you for the renewal in deciding to invest in building a client base?

What browsers are supported?  Is it the same for all apps?Mobile?

What are some of the main advantages your clients see when using Google apps? ease of deployment, collaboration, reliability, low learning curve, familiarity, powerful search, labels

Google and Microsoft are both going after the educational space.  Critics say there’s no money in education.  What is the strategy there?

For clients you move from MS to Google, what reasons do they cite for going with Google instead of the MS cloud offering?

If you move clients from Notes to Google, what do you do with the Notes apps?  

One of the main criticisms of Google is that (other than for advertising) they don’t know how to support businesses.  Is this a valid concern?  How does your company help fill that gap?


Contact Information


e-mail:  paul@tempusnova.com
Twitter:  @paulbahl
Google Voice:  404.885.1116

Twitter:  @lisaduke
LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/lisaduke
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/lisaduke
Facebook for STS:  http://www.facebook.com/simplifiedtech
Events Page:


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