Episode 018 - Stuart McIntyre on Social Connections in the UK & Google +

Stuart McIntyre

Stuart McIntyre is co-owner and CTO of IBM business partner Collaboration Matters. As a man that staked his organisation's future on the move toward Social Business (way back in early 2008), Stuart lives and breathes the culture of collaboration (as can be born out by his motto 'If it hasn't happened on Twitter, it hasn't happened!'). He has built his business through customer relationships and partnerships created and nurtured via social tools. With over 2,500 followers, a network of millions of LinkedIn contacts and a weekly podcast that reaches thousands worldwide, his social reputation is proven. However, Stuart is not just another 'social networking guru', as he and his organisation have delivered more IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr projects than almost any other partner, deliver regular Connections-focused Social Business training sessions for organisation executives, and run the UK IBM Connections User Group.  

Social Connections Conference -

when and where was it?  London, Salvation Army HQ, overlooking Thames and Millennium Bridge. 4th July 2011.
excellent videos ->
what was discussed?
who were some of the speakers? Jon Mell, Mike Roche and team from IBM, Dan Siddle (Headshift), Mark Calleran (Salvation Army), Simon Vaughan and Chris Graves (Cardiff)
who attended? 60 people, mixture of IBM, BPs and customers. 300 watched stream.
how did it go?
found the Q&A at the end especially interesting
what feedback did you get from attendees?  Which speakers did they like best? Scarily they liked my welcome best!  Seriously, Jon Mell and Cardiff’s presentations got the best content.
When is the next conference?  early November, Cardiff Uni.
Where can one get more information? http://socialconnections.info

Google Plus -

whats your view so far?
other than circles, what makes it better than FaceBook or Linked In? Huddles and hang outs...
what are the problems with the service? no API
who is currently on?


entire social track
keynote from LinkedIn
reaching outside traditional Lotus audience
my panel discussion

Social in general -

What are the most common questions from your clients?
User adoption advice?

Guests, please enter your contact info, plus details on anything you would like to plug (client event, blog posting, etc)




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