Episode 14 - Chris Martin Has Apple as His True Religion and So Doesn’t Have Time to Devote Himself Fully to WordPress

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Episode 14 - Chris Martin Has Apple as His True Religion and So Doesn’t Have Time to Devote Himself Fully to WordPress


Chris Martin is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer and speaker with a strong passion to tell stories about people, businesses and organizations that are positively impacting others throughout their communities and around the world.

How did you get into this line of work?  

How did the company get started?

Tell us about a client you worked with, and how that made a difference to the client’s business.


Some of our listeners may know you because you co-presented with Bruce Elgort at Lotusphere this year.  How did you two meet?

What did you think of Lotusphere and of the community?

I understand since Lotusphere you and Bruce have been presenting together quite a bit.  Tell us a bit about the 140 Conference.

You’ve presented to some Chamber of Commerce groups as well, correct?  How has that gone?

How aware do you find the business community to be about social topics?  How much interest is there to learn more?

You have been involved professionally in web design and development since 1996, how has social redefined the web from your area of expertise?  (WordPress as CMS, Facebook/Twitter integration, content, information architecture, flexible designing, standards, etc.)

Impact of social technologies on productivity (Getting “Stuff” Done)---are we more productive because of the ability to connect with more people or are we more susceptible to distraction?

Are there rules of conduct in a public “social” setting or is everything fair game?

What impact does social really have on business? Is it the game-changer that we are making it out as?

What impact will social have on us as people? Are we more social when it comes to establishing new relationships?

How have social technologies made it easier to find and connect with people in your community?

Has being digitally social made me a better person? A better filmmaker? A better writer? A better speaker? A better husband? A Better friend?

How have you used social networks to connect with potential subjects for your online documentary series?

How much do you rely on social technologies for not only marketing, but also sharing your video content?

How hard is it to build a community from scratch?

How engaged are people online versus offline?

1,000 True Fans

What have you learned in the past year about the role of social as a part of a larger marketing package?



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