Episode 19 - Vassil Mladjov on Blogtronix

Vassil Mladjov

Vassil is a life-long entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of executive and high-tech experience. His companies have focused on innovative business collaboration using the latest web and media technologies.
From his experience in the industry, Mladjov recognized the shortcomings of existing collaborative systems and founded Blogtronix. His goal of using Web 2.0 tools to enhance such systems, and to improve communication both inside and outside of an organization, are embodied in the Blogtronix platform.


What is Blogtronix?
Blogtronix Enterprise
Sharetronix (Open Source Microblogging)
Blogtronix Micro (SaaS of Sharetonix)

Screen shots and details available at

Blogtronix Enterprise

Activity Feed
Microblogging- files and links, tag other users with an @
Universal Comments Engine
Dynamic User Profiles - admin can add, remove, rename fields.  LDAP integration.
Social Activity Graph - visual representation of user’s connections & content
User Card (business card)
User Dashboard
Outlook integration - when open email
Modular Interface - admin can build group or page templates
System Branding - built in or customized themes
Blog and Video Blog posts
Document Management
Multi-language support
Newsletters - save posts for later review then create newsletter from the posts
Email notifications
APIs- bring in updates from other systems

On-premises or Cloud Hosting

Sharetronix Personal - free

Sharetronix Professional
- best for external communities
User Profiles
Status Updates
Real-Time Dashboard
Security Settings
Multimedia Microblogging
Business Card
Member Mentions in Status Update and Comment (@)
Content Tagging
Search Center
Email Domain Control (Pro & Plus)
Real-Time RSS Aggregation
Multiple Files Upload (Pro & Plus)
Twitter Feed Import
Integrations (Twitter for easy registration and login.  Share public posts on FB, Twitter, Google Buzz and Delicious)
IP restriction (Pro & Plus)
Mobile Version
Community Leaders (statistics)
Themes and customization
Reshare messages (like ReTweets)
API - Twitter
LDAP integration (Pro & Plus)
SEO Friendly
Post from Twitter to Sharetronix (all msgs)
Direct post from Sharetronix to FB and Twitter

Apps Marketplace


Compare with competitors:

Success stories?

Do you do custom development? Consulting? Are there plans for a partner program?

For the geeks - “like” with your Kinect, Minority Report style ->  http://blog.blogtronix.com/blogtronix.com/641

ESO (Enterprise Social Optimization)


Skype: vassil.mladjov
Twitter: vassko
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Vassko
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vassko

Twitter:  @lisaduke
Events Page:

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