Episode 21 - Michael Sampson and Sharon Bellamy on User Adoption

Michael Sampson is a Collaboration Strategist. His passion is helping organizations to make collaboration work, when their employees have to work together effectively and efficiency while separated by distance and time. Michael advises end-user organizations in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Europe.

Michael is the author of three books on collaboration — Seamless Teamwork, SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration, and User Adoption Strategies — and the fourth book is due in late 2011.

Michael holds an MCom with first class honors in telecommunications-based IT, from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He is married to Katrina, and together they have 10 children.

What was your background with Lotus software?
How did you get started with learning about software adoption?

Sharon Bellamy
is a Consultant at Applicable, working with Portal/WCM, Quickr, Sametime and Connections implementations. IBM Champion, iSeries fan girl and friend of Mat Newman.

Social software is fantastic, but the value is a function of the size of the network.  That’s what makes user adoption such an important issue.  The conventional wisdom is to get a C-level sponsor and to find those who naturally are your champions and help them enable others.  Are these techniques enough?
* Good start, but not enough. Sponsor as talking head vs. actually using it.
* Collaboration - more voluntary use models. V. different to ERP.
how important is pre -install / rollout workshops - for user requirements ?

What else should be done to drive software adoption?
* Why should they get involved? (value - stage 1, winning attention)
* What is it replacing? (don’t want more and more discrete tools)

Who’s responsibility is this?  The client’s?  The vendor’s?
* The vendor can reinforce the importance of adoption, but few are set up for the required internal consulting services
* The client is ultimately responsible. But they can look to others for help. My work - help them build competence to know what they should be looking for (independent, external)
* Eg., “SharePoint 2010 and user adoption” - client in Europe last year
* Eg., government agency. After the workshop, told their vendor, “you guys don’t get this.”

What do you see across vendors in terms of adoption support?  Who does it best?
* Jive
* Central Desktop, user adoption center on the web site
* Huddle, a “user adoption guarantee”
* Microsoft, various adoption resources.

What are some best practices you recommend?

Do you have any case studies or success stories you can share?
* Landcare, bulk loading party
* Insurance firm, deep work on finding the value

My contact information:
- http://www.michaelsampson.net
- Twitter, @collabguy


Blog http://socialshazza.com
Twitter - @socialshazza


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